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6 key reasons to get your dog professionally groomed

1. Improved Health: Professional grooming helps to keep your dog's skin and coat healthy, prevent infection, and identify any potential health problems early.

2. Enhanced Appearance: A well-groomed dog will have a cleaner, shinier, and more attractive coat, which can enhance their overall appearance.


3. Increased Comfort: Regular grooming can help remove any matted fur, tangles, or burrs that can cause discomfort and pain to your dog.


4. Better Behaviour: Dogs that are well-groomed and comfortable are more likely to be relaxed, calm, and well-behaved.


5. Prevention of Parasites: Professional grooming can help detect and prevent the spread of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites that can cause serious health problems for your dog.


6. Maintenance of Coat Type: Certain breeds have specific coat types that require regular grooming to maintain their unique appearance and keep their coat in good condition.

Why do Matts need to be removed?

Matts can cause several problems for dogs including:


Pain and Discomfort: Matts can pull on the skin and cause pain, especially when the dog moves or is touched.


Skin Irritation: Matts can trap moisture, dirt, and bacteria against the skin, causing skin irritation, hot spots, and infections.


Reduced Circulation: Matts can put pressure on blood vessels, reducing blood flow and causing pain, numbness, and even nerve damage.


Difficulty Moving: Matts can limit the dog's range of motion, making it difficult for them to move freely and comfortably.


Therefore, it is important to remove matts as soon as they are noticed to prevent these problems and ensure the comfort and well-being of your dog.

Why is it important to de shed your dog?

De-shedding is important for several reasons:


Health: Shedding can cause skin irritation, hairballs, and matting. De-shedding can help keep the skin and coat healthy.

Hygiene: Shedding can also lead to an accumulation of hair and dirt, which can affect the dog's hygiene and potentially cause skin infections.

Allergies: People with pet allergies may benefit from de-shedding as it reduces the amount of pet hair in the environment.

Maintenance: De-shedding can help maintain the appearance and health of the dog's coat.

Prevention of hair ingestion: De-shedding can help prevent the dog from ingesting large amounts of hair, which can cause digestive issues.

elps regulate body temperature 


Helps regulate a dog's body temperature and increase blood flow to the skin: because a thick undercoat can restrict the amount of blood flow therefor the dog cannot properly regulate their body temperature. 

Why is it important to cut your dogs nails regularly?

Cutting a dog's nails is important for several reasons:


Comfort: Overgrown nails can cause discomfort and pain, especially if they curl under and dig into the paw pads.


Foot health: Long nails can alter a dog's gait, causing strain on the legs, hips, and back, leading to potential health issues.


Avoid injury: Overgrown nails can get caught and break, causing injury to the quick (the sensitive inner part of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves).

Better behaviour: Dogs with painful, overgrown nails may become more irritable or aggressive. Keeping their nails trimmed can improve their behavior.

Easier handling: Trimmed nails make it easier to handle the dog, especially during grooming and veterinary exams



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